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Call Silencer

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phone scams targeting parents

Are you concerned your parents might fall victim to a phone scam?

Are your parents giving out too much personal information on the phone?

The average loss to the grandparent phone scam is over $9,000!

Do your parents often call often and complain about robocalls?

1/2 of all landline calls in 2019 are robocalls and phone scams!

The elderly don’t like calls going to an answering machine.  They like answering every call!

People have lost 10's and even 100's of thousands of dollars to the lottery scam!

The elderly receive 5 times as many robocalls.

versus people 29 and UNder

The elderly lose 16 times more money to phone scams.

Versus people 29 and under
Robocalls are a daily nuisance

Robocalls and phone scams are in the news everyday

"The thing for the ring."

Call Silencer

The world will soon be introduced to Call Silencer
... and the call blocker will be reinvented.

Silences Ringing

Silences ALL unwanted ringing of the phone from robocalls.

Blocks over 1,000,000 robocallers

An ever growing database compiled with the help of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) blacklist, users reports, and honey pots.

Always up to Date

New spam numbers are automatically added each day, with over 1,000 detected each month.

Easy to Use

No buttons to press. No manual intervention.

Power in numbers

Think Globally, Act Locally

Large servers in the cloud detect and analyze robocalls and phone scams.  As soon as soon as a new robocall number is discovered, all homes with Call Silencer are protected.

easy setup

The Power of One

Call Silencer sits between the cable modem and the home phone network.  One device silences robocalls on all phones.

Automated call blocking

Over 100x More Effective Than Current Solutions

1st Generation

Blocks up to 1,000 numbers, but each number must be manually added.

2nd Generation

Blocks up to 5,000 numbers, but each number must be manually added.

3rd Generation

Blocks more than 1,000,000 numbers from day one, with new numbers automatically added daily.

Current Call Blocking

Reinvention of Call Blocking

cable ready robocall silencer

Works with all major cable phone services



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Happy Early Release Users

“My mother used to call every day complaining about telemarketers. No more. But she still calls every day.”
Karen Miller
Boston, MA
“I no longer have to worry about my father answering every scam call and talking with them.”
Donny White
Naples, Florida

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