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Silence robocalls on your landline phone and protect yourself from phone scams

phone scams targeting families

Are you tired of receiving robocalls and phone scams on your landline home phone?

Are you constantly being distracted during the day by the phone ringing?

Are you interrupted by the phone ringing while trying to eat dinner with the family?

Do you get agitated while watching TV and the phone rings, just to be another robocall?

“Is Microsoft tech support really calling you?”

Robocalls are a daily nuisance

Robocalls and phone scams are in the news everyday

Phone scams are a daily threat

People are losing more money to phone scams everyday

½ of all landline calls in 2019 will be robocalls and phone scams.

1 in 10 Americans lost money to a phone scam in 2018.

1 in 4 people who answered a charity scam call last holiday season donated money.

"The thing for the ring."

Call Silencer

Call Silencer is a next generation call blocker. Easy enough for your parents to use. Powerful enough to put you at ease.

Blocks Calls

Blocks over 100,000 robocallers from the moment you connect it and up to 85% of all robocalls.

Silences Ringing

Silences unwanted ringing of the phone from robocalls


Over 1,000 new spam call numbers are being added every month.

Hands Free

No buttons to press. No manual intervention.

The Power of One

One device protects all the phones in your home.

Simple Setup

Plug it into your phone system.  Register with your cable company.  Done in less than 5 minutes.

Stay Secure

The only way to stay secure from phone scams is to not answer the call.

cable ready robocall silencer

Works with all major cable phone services


Happy Early Release Users

“Dad got a phone scam from the 'IRS' and almost sent $4,000. Now he's protected.”
Adrian Park
San Francisco, CA
“My mother thought she won the lottery and sent $300 for 'taxes'. No more sucker calls.”
Juan Garcia
Santa Fe, NM
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"The best gift I ever gave my parents, according to them."
Terrell Williams
St. Louis, MO
“Our spam calls dropped by half the day we installed it.”
Silvia Waters
Madison, WI
“My mother used to call every day complaining about telemarketers. No more. But she still calls every day.”
Karen Miller
Boston, MA
“I no longer have to worry about my husband answering every scam call.”
Donny White
Naples, Florida

A day in the life of phone scams

137 Million
Robocalls made into
the USA
$27 Million
Dollars lost to phone
Complaints to the FTC
about robocalls today

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