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How it Works

How calls are silenced
Power in numbers

Think Global, Act Local

Ever Growing Database

Compiled with the help of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) blacklists, user reports, and honey pots.

All for One and One for All

Upon detecting a new robocall number, all homes are immediately protected.

Stay Secure

Leveraging FTC whitelists, school, police, and other legitimate emergency calls get through.

easy setup

The Power of One

Call Silencer sits between the cable modem and the home phone network.  One device silences robocalls on all phones.

Automated call blocking

Over 100x More Effective Than Current Solutions

1st Generation

Blocks up to 1,000 numbers, but each number must be manually added.

2nd Generation

Blocks up to 5,000 numbers, but each number must be manually added.

3rd Generation

Blocks more than 1,000,000 numbers from day one, with new numbers automatically added daily.