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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Does it work with a 2-line phone?

For a two-line phone (e.g. home and home office; or dual business lines) you will need two splitters: one male to dual female (MDF) splitter and one female to dual female (FDF) splitter, two one-foot male to male (M2M) telephone line cords, and two Call Silencer devices. (1) Connect the MDF splitter to the cable phone modem. (2) Run a telephone wire from each port in the splitter to the “modem” side of each of the two Call Silencer devices. (3) Run a telephone wire from the “phone” side of each of the Call Silencer devices to the FDF splitter. (4) Connect your home phone network line into the FDF splitter.

RJ11 male to dual female MDF splitter

RJ11 female to dual female FDF splitter

Two 1-foot male to male M2M line cords

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