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Frequently Asked Questions

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Caller ID

Q: Do I need to have a Caller ID subscription with my cable phone provider?

Yes. However, Caller ID is now a standard feature with phone service providers. At the simplest level, Caller ID is used to know what numbers to block and what numbers to allow through.

Q: Will Call Silencer silence “anonymous” calls where no number is displayed on a caller id display?


Q: Will a legitimate call show up on my caller id list?

Yes. Since the call rang through.

Q: Will a blocked call show up on my caller id list?

No. Since no call rang through.

Q: For legitimate calls that ring more than once, does the Caller ID come through to the phones?


Q: Will Caller ID work properly on other telephony devices?

Yes. Caller ID works properly on all devices including telephones, fax machines, answering machines, and Caller ID devices.

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