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About Us

Using technology to protect the elderly.

Our Story

Last year my father called me in a panic! His grandson, my son, had just called him. He was in jail and needed $2,000 immediately to get out.

Now I was in a panic!  I tried to get ahold of him on his phone.  But it rang, and rang, and rang again. Then I heard a voice on the other end of the line. “Hi dad!  What's up?  I’m at Starbucks drinking an ice-latte.”

My father had almost become the next victim of the “grandparent” phone scam!

Realizing this I quickly put together a team including a former AT&T Bell Labs design engineer with 30 years of telecom industry experience to build a product to silence robocalls and protect parents from phone scams.

  • Last year 50 billion robocalls were made into the USA.
  • More than $10 billion was lost to phone scams.
  • And a disproportionate number of these calls were made to the 33 million cable-service provided landline phones used primarily by older people.

Together we built Call Silencer, a consumer device that silences robocalls on landline phones, is 100 times more effective than current solutions, and will protect your parents from phone scams.

- Scott (CEO and Founder)

The team

Meet Our Team

It takes a unique team of individuals with disparate talents to bring such a solution to market.

Scott Bradley
CEO, Co-Founder
Masters in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. 20+ yrs enterprise security: sales and marketing.
Joe Randolph
Hardware Designer. Board of Advisors.
Over 30 years of telecommunications experience. Former AT&T Bell Labs design engineer.
Mike Bartov
Advisory Board
CEO of GeoOrbital. The most successful hardware campaign ever when launched on Kickstarter.
Jarad Bulloch
15 years of business and consumer marketing.
Liubomyr Boryn
Industrial Designer
7+ years toy design and plastics manufacturing.